Information about the association

„Psychoeducation Laboratory” is an association of people interested in practical and theoretical part of psychotherapy and psychology.

They are some psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapist next to the students and people, that are interested in education of psychology, psychotherapy and self-development – who cooperate together in our association.

Except many professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists , there are also many students and people interested in psychological education, psychotherapy and self-development.

The Association „Psychoeducation Laboratory” is working today on several essential psychosocial projects:
-  gives free of charge psychological consultations for the families and individuals
-  leads a sociotherapeutical club for children in the centre of the city
-  organizes several concerts for teenagers and students without alcohol and other psychoactive substances;
-  gives free of charge consultations of mediators for the families and individuals looking for support
-  trained a 40-person group of volunteers in the project „Youngs to Youngs”;
-  is preparing a book of psycho prophylactic tales for the youngest children : „Magic Meadow” – including a metaphorical record protecting children from future using psychoactive substances;

The overriding aim of our association is developing, popularizing and practicing useful part of psychotherapy as an activity serving help for the people in their lives and in keeping themselves healthy. The second important aim of the association is helping defavourized groups: women, minorities, unemployed, disabled and addicted, homeless, the HIV-infected people and their families. The essential idea of our association is psycho prophylaxis and psychological help for the people, children and families that have experienced sexual, physical or psychical abuse.

The important receivers of the association are teenagers and students. Other important aim is creating a partnership of professionals working in the space of psychological aid.

Gaining funds and the realization of psychological projects is the part of our association’s mission. In our opinion, the most important is giving psychological support to the people who are not able to finance it themselves.

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